Meet the company:

Knowledge base of JV Pars was established in the form of a software team with the aim of localizing the design and development of a variety of CRM and ERP and CMS. By combining the newest technologies of the day with the use of a skilled and experienced team ready to provide engineering and software engineering services in The field of designing or developing web applications, portals and corporate automation, industrial, enterprise and Web store web apps, mobile apps and more.


Overall Objectives:

The overall purpose of this group is to design and implement software applications, while producing native software in accordance with the domestic needs and eliminating the dependence on international software in Iranian organizations and institutions, which, while providing the independence of the IT field in the national context and Possibility of sustainable development of these centers in the field of software using the most up-to-date technologies of the day.
  Security and Technology of the Day:

One of the main topics for building a stable and secure structure for use in institutions and organs or in sales networks is high security and the use of the latest security systems. With the help of modern and new technologies, the software group of GV Pars ensures the stability of its products. Some of these technologies are:

Interacting with work:

The key to success in implementing any project is to create the right environment for dynamic engagement with the employer. Spiral Agile Methodology is one of the most successful methods used by most of the world's largest companies. The software group Gvv Pars uses this method to communicate with the employer and, while reviewing the requirements, designing, constructing, testing and updating, reviewing and providing the version, and again this cycle continues until the final version is presented. .


Flexible and user-friendly design:
The goal of any professional design and every upgrade and technology-driven implementation is to focus on user-friendliness and user-friendliness. So that the user, while training the limit and with the least amount of referrals to the system menu, are able to execute their orders in the shortest possible time. The result of this work is to promote individual efficiency and, consequently, to increase the efficiency of the group, which instilling the spirit of team work, is the basis of our ever-increasing increase in our country's goals.


Independent platform design:

Today's ever-increasing technology and ever-increasing use of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other devices with a variety of platforms, such as Android, iOs, Windows Mobile, Windows, Mac, Linux
Web designing affects web applications and applications, and makes them a necessity to run independently of the operating system or hardware used. The GV Pars Software Group utilizes the technology of the day to develop and engineer all websites, web applications, apps, and Portal, CMS and control panel ... Responsive independent of the platform and hardware.


Field of activity of the company:

Database implementation
-  Provide online systems and services
-  Website design and corporate portals
-  Selling products and software products
-  Design and production of content management systems
Design and production of customer management systems
Design and production of customer order software
Localization of software based on the needs of organizations
Consulting and management of information technology projects
Implementing Web-based software solutions
Smartization and application of knowledge management systems
Website Optimization in Search Engines (SEO)
Implementation of academic and research systems and software